Stories have the power to change the world; they shape our thinking, drive culture, and impact our lives.  Tree Media is a production company with a mission to use stories and media to encourage an open society based on wisdom and informed, positive action.   Tree has been working for more than 18 years on projects that examine the environment, consciousness, human development and global transformation. 


Tree Media speaks to an audience that wants to better understand the world. We are operating in a time in which human civilization is being confronted with significant challenges - the life-support systems of the planet are deteriorating, resources are becoming scarce and we are undergoing a dramatic shift in the fundamentals of our economic system around the world. The strain of this uncertainty and rapid change is plunging human consciousness into the fires of transformation.  Tree looks for and brings to light stories that help us understand and navigate our time with an aim to inspire us all to create a common and beautiful future.  


Tree Media creates media that matters - entertaining, profitable media that also has deeper meaning. Tree Media strives for the "triple bottom line" projects that produce social benefit, environmental benefit as well as the benefit of profit.  For the most part, Tree Media's projects originate internally however Tree Media also partners with like-minded people and projects when they fit the goals of our slate.  


The operating assumption of Tree Media's production slate is that the ecosystem of the mind needs cultivation and care.  The mediasphere, awash with information, often assualts us with violent images, random facts and meaningless stories that have no depth of purpose.  Tree believes that taking time to create stories that connect to deeper truths will inspire education and entertain.  


There is a vast group of people who do not see their stories, myths or lives represented in the media.  Tree looks for and brings to light stories that help us understand and navigate our time.  


Leila Conners founded Tree Media Group in August of 1996. With a background in international politics, Leila set out to build a production company that creates media to support and sustain civil society by telling inspiring stories.


Currently, Leila is writing and directing We the People 2.0 about nature rights; and her longtime project, Into Eden, about how we can change our society and ourselves in the face of disintegrative forces that threaten everything from the biosphere to our economic system. Leila most recently produced a documentary film on the explosion of urban farming in Detroit called Urban Roots. Leila’s first feature-length documentary, The 11th Hour, was co-created with Leonardo DiCaprio. The film included 54 leading thinkers and scientists about the state of the world and the state of the human condition. She has written 2 short films with Leonardo DiCaprio on the environment called Global Warning and Water Planet and a feature film script for Ridley Scotts Scott Free Productions on the state of the oceans. Leila has also been published in newspapers and magazines around the world including the International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Yomiuri Shimbun and Wired Magazine among others. Projects over the last 10 years with Tree Media Group include work with the Council on Foreign Relations, NASA, JPL, Norman Lear, Green Cross International, Harvard University, and Hollywood studios among others. Her article on “Death and American Culture” was published in War, Media and Propaganda, published by Rowman and Littlefield.


Prior to Tree Media, Leila was Associate Editor of NPQ/New Perspectives Quarterly, an internationaljournal of social and political thought, and Associate Editor of Global Viewpoint of the Los AngelesTimes Syndicate, an internationally distributed op-ed column that reaches 200 papers. At NPQ, she interviewed thinkers and policy makers including: Kofi Annan, Nafis Sadik, Betty Friedan, Hans Bethe, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Boutros Boutros Ghali among others. She is now Editor-at-Large for NPQ.


In 1991, Leila translated Jacques Attali's book from the French for Random House entitled, Millennium. Leila is often invited to speak on issues of sustainability and the environment and has served on panels nationally and internationally.


Mathew Schmid is Executive Director of Tree Media and is spearheading Treemagination for Tree Media. 


With a lifelong background in Waldorf education based on the principles of Anthroposophy, Mathew has turned his attention to creating an educational curriculum to support individual and group development.  Mathew most recently was Executive Producer and Producer of "Urban Roots", a film about urban farming in Detroit; and produced and directed "Giving Birth" as well as produced "Driving Fashion Forward with Amber Valletta". Mathew is also producing "Green World Rising with Leonardo DiCaprio", "Into Eden" and "We The People 2.0" with Leila Conners. 


Mathew’s path of inquiry and interest in understanding how the soulful and spiritual values of personal development unfold has led him to careers grounded in communications, writing, and teaching. After attending UCLA Extension for Graphic Design and completing his Masters at the Pädagogische Hochschule Stuttgart, Germany in pedagogy, Mathew founded schmid:zone, a design and marketing company, giving a voice and face to various schools and organizations in Germany and the United States. He has also taught the Waldorf Curriculum and Methodology for several years. It is through his teaching experience, and through dialogue with faculty and parents, that Mathew felt the need for a deepening exploration of human development, and thus the idea of creating a global curriculum was born and which we now call Treemagination. The idea extends to the creation of a real center where the practice and study of subjects like Education, Eurythmy, Biodymanics, Relationships, and Health can prosper.  


Mathew’s unbiased observation of pop culture and our consumer society has led him to write and create new concepts and approaches that add a clarity to understanding human development.