Tree Media is in Volume 2 of our new channel, N2K - Need to Know.  N2K is the signal in the noise, a much-needed initiative that brings coherence and context in this chaotic time. Join us, this is where people can watch and take action in collaboration to create a world we all want to live in. In our current discussion, Leila Conners speaks with Beatrice Fihn about the pathway to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  As Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Beatrice lead the way to the creation of The U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which passed January 22, 2021.  ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. 
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Most Recent projects


The promise of biomimicry

Tree Media and The Biomimicry Institute's short documentary on advancements in Biomimicry launched in June.

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Tree Media, PenFed Credit Union created a PSA on empowering all Americans to play a critical role in preventing suicide for the US Veteran's Administration (VA) REACH national public health campaign that launched July 7,2020.

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feature documentarY

The arrow of time

"When the last person who remembers the horrors of the last war dies; the next war is inevitable." Or is it? 

Feature doc featuring Mikhail Gorbachev recounting the end of the Cold War and the reduction of nuclear arms.  A good reminder for today.  With George Shultz, Horst Teltschik, Hubert Vedrine and Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow, Aleksandr Likhotal, Graham Allison and Joseph Nye.

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"The plight of the pollinators." 

The plight of pollinators is the subject of this series and the actions we can take to ensure their survival and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere.   Episode 1 covers pollinators and how to help them. Episode 2 discusses farming and how to farm for pollinators.

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documentarY INSPIRING change on the ground

We the people 2.0

"If you live in a corporate state, the only thing left is to dismantle it and build something new." 


Feature doc featuring Thomas Linzey of the Community Environment Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) about the growing community rights / democracy movement in the United States. Essential path forward in the face of the oligarchy. 


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Tree Media's feature length documentary


official selection, cannes film festival 2019

premiered on HBO June 11. Now streaming on HBO.

In screenings and festivals globally.





produced & narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

directed by Leila Conners

cinematography by Harun Mehmedinovic

produced by Mathew Schmid & Leila Conners

presented by HBO & HBO Documentary films

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biomimicry film series second film completed WATCH


short film series

green world rising

Four short films on the pathway from the industrial world to the sustainable world; and why the shift must happen now. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Eight short films that delivers the testimony of the Iroquois. As told by Chief Oren Lyons and Chief Sidney Hill.


Four short films on the unsustainable practices of the garment industry and how to change it.  Hosted by Amber Valletta. Sponsored by Lexus.



Treemagination (for kids)

Treemagination has created STORIES OF MOTHER WEST WIND by the renowned children's author, Thornton Burgess with beautiful and engaging readings by talented actors and environmental leaders.

Music composed by Jean-Pascal Beintus; Walton Goggins reads Johnny Chuck Finds the Best Thing in the World; Mia Maestro reads The Willful Little Breeze; Dominic Monaghan reads Why Old Man Coyote Has Many Voices; Peter Mensah reads How Howler the Wolf Got His Name; Radha Mitchell reads Striped Chipmunk's Pockets; Shiva Rose reads Mrs Redwing's Speckled Eggs; David Suzuki reads The Stranger in the Green Forest; Jenisa Washington reads Billy Minks Swimming Party. Created and Directed by Mathew Schmid and Leila Conners.  Sound design by Andy Snavley and Jae Kim. Sound Services by Bendy Sound. Executive Producer, Shannon Factor.

8 Stories of mother West Wind

8 Audiobook Stories by Thornton Burgess

Music composed by Jean-Pascal Beintus

Walton Goggins reads Johnny Chuck Finds the Best Thing in the World; Mia Maestro reads The Willful Little Breeze;  Peter Mensah reads How Howler the Wolf Got His Name; Radha Mitchell reads Striped Chipmunk's Pockets; Dominic Monaghan reads Why Old Man Coyote Has Many Voices;  Shiva Rose reads Mrs. Redwing's Speckled Eggs;  David Suzuki reads The Stranger in the Green Forest; Jenisa Washington reads Billy Mink's Swimming Party.

100 Legendary tales of the brothers grimm

For the 200th anniversary of the tales of the Brothers Grimm of 1812, much-loved German illustrator Daniela Drescher has created over 50 full page illustrations in this new book of 100 Legendary Grimm's Fairy Tales.   (Digital Download / PDF)