ABOUT We the people 2.0

|   USA   |   2017   |   91 minutes

 Leila Conners, Director       Mathew Schmid, Producer        Thomas Linzey, Featured        Walton Goggins, Narrator      Eric Avery,  Composer

"We the People 2.0 confronts its viewers with the ravages of mine tailings and leaky containment ponds, of sludge and ooze and grue, all of which, the film documents, are killing people, particularly in the cancer-blighted small towns of North America. The film's brief is laudable: Alongside documenting grassroots activism, including the kayak flotillas that protested Shell Oil in Seattle, the film focuses on legal challenges presented to corporations by granting rights to ecosystems. Talking heads come from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that helps small towns draft laws against fracking, factory farming, and water privatization. The voice of narrator Walton Goggins, formerly of TV's rural meth-opera "Justified," is a great boon to the film, perhaps making viewers wish he would just let it rip in the grandiloquent manner of his TV character Boyd Crowder. The "2.0" in the title refers to what the filmmakers have dubbed "The Second American Revolution"—a battle not against a foreign power, but against corporate power." - SIFF

We the People 2.0 Credits

Directed by:  Leila Conners

Produced by:  Mathew Schmid

Narrated by:  Walton Goggins

Executive Producers:  Lisa Shields, Mathew Schmid, Renate Schmid

Co-Executive Producers:  Cathy O'Neill, Shannon Factor, Bill Benenson, Laetitia Cash, Barbara Bosson

Music by:  Eric Avery

Featuring: Thomas Linzey, Ben Price, Mik Robertson, Cathy Miorelli, Joe Murphy, Doug Shields, Tish O'Dell, Ann Kneeland, Ashley Hernandez, Kate Perly