n2k - Super shorts

bravery and beauty in the chaos

N2K is a channel of micro-short form films about the world around us.  

[This series is meant to be viewed on the largest screen possible and with the best audio possible.] During each month of the year and in conjunction with the forces of the zodiacal sign, we have the opportunity to focus on and practice a very particular personal activity or Virtue of the Soul.  No matter where we are or what we do we can develop our internal self as an artist practicing his art towards mastery.  In our personal effort to upgrade our souls operating organism lies the genuine answer to a free, just and loving world for all.   The 12 virtues and their higher manifestations are not randomly selected but represent the seasons of our internal universe.  

The natural world holds secrets that are unknown to many due to the state of our culture.  Our culture being currently based on speed, efficiency, materiality and loudness causes people to overlook the simple and complex wonders of the natural world.  This series reveals some of the wonders of the natural world and sets them into context for all of us.