Please join Leila Conners, Chris Hedges, Walton Goggins, Karenna Gore,
Thom Hartmann, George DiCaprio and many more*

for an evening of discussion


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


6:30 PM

Cocktails & Light Food

by Bäco Mercat  Mulholland Distilling   Wild Poppy


7:30 PM

Thomas Linzey's Presentation

with clips from our film We The People 2.0


8:00 PM

join us for a lively discussion



 LACI cleantech incubator DTLA  


525 S. Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013




At this awareness-raising event, Thomas Linzey will speak about his legal work on the ground in local communities in his fight to protect them against serious harm from activities like fly ash pits, toxic hog farms, fracking, dumping of sewage, try to fight back but lose in the courts against corporate rights again and again.  These towns often become cancer clusters due to the amount of toxic waste dumped on their land and water.  Thomas Linzey and CELDF are a group of attorneys who mobilize in legal battles against skewed corporate rights that rob communities of their ability to guard clean air, land and water.  Now, after years of success, oil companies have attacked Thomas and CELDF and the court sided with them and sanctioned Thomas.  This set a dangerous precedent suggesting that it can be deemed illegal to represent communities that are asking for protection from corporate crimes.

Piper Perabo & Stephen Kay
Nadia Conners  

George DiCaprio

Mathew Schmid

Cathy O'Neill
Matt Petersen

Joe Costello
Chris Hedges, Author
Kenny Ausubel, Co-Founder 
and CEO, Bioneers
Councilwoman Merrily Mazza, Lafayette, Colorado City Council
Chairman Jon Perry, Grant Township, Pennsylvania Board of Township Supervisors
Supervisor Stacy Long, Grant Township, Pennsylvania Board of Township Supervisors
Doug Shields, Former Chairman, Pittsburgh City Council
John Olivas, Former Chairman, Mora County, New Mexico Board of Supervisors
Cathy Miorelli, Former Borough Councilwoman, Tamaqua Borough, Pennsylvania
Councilman Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, Port Angeles, Washington City Council
Former New Hampshire State Representative Mary Till (Rockingham County).
New Hampshire State Representative Ellen Read (Rockingham County)

New Hampshire State Representative Steven Rand (Grafton County)
New Hampshire State Representative Vincent Migliore (Grafton County)
Former Township Supervisor Dan Brannen, Haines Township, Pennsylvania

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