We found the perfect place for 
Tree Media'S Headquarter.
An International microstudio.

Soundstage / Recording Facilities
Executive Offices / Editing
Cafe / Community

Now We need your Help!

591 State Route 295 · chatham, NY 12037

We need to move fast,
We need $180K for downpayment and repairs.
We are asking for your support
in forms of small loans 
Raising $100K from Friends and Family

Dear Family and Friends


Leila and I have just recently relocated to the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. We left Santa Monica to up our efforts and scale Tree Media Production and N2K Platform (Need 2 Know) into a major player. We have everything in place and our media is reaching millions of people worldwide. Our films bring important voices to the forefront. We can change the course of nations and make this world a place where everybody wants to live and learn in. All we need is to scale up.  


In the search for offices we stumbled upon this incredible property which gives us more than what we dreamed off. It is exactly what we need to grow. It has just come onto the market. 

Why is this property so incredible?! 

  1. it has 5000 usable, finished sqft on an acre of land.  

  2. It is in a A+ prime location for locals as well as weekenders within a mile of a two major highways to Albany, NYC and Boston. 

  3. The property has large warehouse style spaces that can easily be turned into sound studios or space for commercial photography or shooting spaces etc

  4. The property has ample executive spaces for editing, meeting, podcast studio etc

  5. The space has a fully licensed turnkey cafe that can serve locals, commuters and weekenders. The cafe has pulled in substantial revenue.

We are trying to find 10-20 people
loaning US (Mathew)
 $5-$10K dollars.
We will return the loan within a year (max 2)
with a 10% interest payment per Anno.
You will also receive a "thank you"
placard at the entrance of the Studio. 

Let me explain!

We are seriously fundraising several million dollars to scale up Tree Media Studio and N2K. As soon as we have funds come in we will return the loans. The cafe is also a source of income to satisfy the loans.

If you are interested in supporting us please call or email me to discuss detail and answer any questions you might have.

American Bank

German Bank


Thank You