"There are solutions: stop digging carbon out of the ground and putting it into the sky; and start pulling carbon out of the sky and putting it back into the ground Simple." 

Global civilization has 8 years to confront and radically reverse climate disruption. We have worked for over 2 decades educating and inpsiring people to take action in regards to the climate crisis through feature films, short films and action campaigns.  As a global community we can turn this around if we act now.

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"A world in which people can live out their biography." 

In a time of accelerating income inequality and increasing efficiencies that prevent millions from participating in a meaningful economy comes a surprisingly simple solution: Unconditional Basic Income, which means that every man, woman and child receives a monthly income to cover basic expenses. Depending on the nation that could be around $2,500/adult/month. Sounds utopian? Actually, Unconditional Basic Income has been discussed by experts and economists from both the right and the left for 300 years, and it is being seriously discussed now from Europe to the United States.  That said, the subject is not yet well known to the general public and therefore we feel that the time for an Unconditional Basic Income discussion has arrived.  As such, we are supporting the Unconditional Basic Income movement through various media.

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urban farming

"When everything collapses, plant your field of dreams." 


Access to healthy food is possible if we all come together in our communities to plant and harvest organic food in our neighborhoods. It is possible, many have done it.  We have contributed a film as well as an action campaign to put farms in schools.

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suicide prevention

"Encouraging people to share their own struggles and to reach out to those who are hurting."

Supporting the national public health campaign aimed at empowering all Americans to play a critical role in preventing suicide. The REACH campaign will engages Veterans to help lead the way as we change how we think about, talk about and address suicide.