Designed and created by Mathew Schmid this is a part from the 7th/8th Grade Waldorf School Curriculum:  Limited editions Pentatetrahedron that you put together and assemble (glue) yourself. Part puzzle, part craft, part modeling, the process of assembly brings you in touch with the three dimensions.  5 Tetrahedrons penetrate each other through the center, creating a rare dimensional figure based on Kepler's Platonic Bodies. Great for teachers, geometry blocks and libraries. Bulk discounts for schools and and special orders will be available soon.


There are only 48 left, so order now if you'd like to share the Pentatetrahedrons.  

The Pentatetrahedrons are about one 14 inches in diameter. Assembly time is three hours due to letting the glue dry appropriately. No rushing. German and English instructions included. 


We recommend using UHU Glue Adhesive Tube or UHU Kraft (glue sticks from our experience don't work as well). Glue is not included but can be purchased here. These are small tubes so you might need 2.


Great for teachers, geometry blocks, libraries.