For a moment children get to leave this noisy and hectic world and submerge their formative imaginations into a timeless world of natural beauty and truth.

Meet Johnny Chuck who finds the best thing in the world while Billy the Mink is having a Swimming Party. Find out who saves Mrs. Redwing speckled eggs and why Old Man Coyote has many voices. The stars of our adventures are the jovial Johnny Chuck, rascally Reddy Fox, cautious Bobby Coon, curious Peter Rabbit, wise Grandfather Frog, unhurried Jimmy Skunk, boastful Chatterer the Red Squirrel, dear Danny Meadow Mouse, stout Unc’ Billy Possum, bossy Sammy Jay, cunning Blacky the Crow, fun loving Billy Mink, friendly Jerry Muskrat and Little Joe Otter and let’s not forget Old Mother West Wind, the Laughing Brook, the Smiling Pool, the Merry Little Breezes, the Purple Hills and the Lone Little Path winding through the Green Meadows and wise old Mother Nature. 

Thornton W. Burgess who shares his deep reverence for mother nature with his young listeners and readers got it right when he wrote stories about his local forests and meadows, brooks and ponds and all the little animals that live, nest and feed there. Through his stories children get to know and love animals and their habitat and learn important lessons from their lives and adventures: from problem solving to conflict resolution to the joy of discovery. They learn about the interconnected nature of community and the value each individual member brings to it. The animals are shown to live in a way rarely witnessed today -- in a  whole and united world.

Their adventures will come alive via magical illustrations by renown children’s book illustrator Daniela Drescher.

The Stranger in the Green Forest