Stories from Mother west wind ( Album )

Treemagination has created STORIES OF MOTHER WEST WIND by the renowned children's author, Thornton Burgess with beautiful and engaging readings by talented actors and environmental leaders.

Music composed by Jean-Pascal Beintus; Walton Goggins reads Johnny Chuck Finds the Best Thing in the World; Mia Maestro reads The Willful Little Breeze; Dominic Monaghan reads Why Old Man Coyote Has Many Voices; Peter Mensah reads How Howler the Wolf Got His Name; Radha Mitchell reads Striped Chipmunk's Pockets; Shiva Rose reads Mrs Redwing's Speckled Eggs; David Suzuki reads The Stranger in the Green Forest; Jenisa Washington reads Billy Minks Swimming Party. Created and Directed by Mathew Schmid and Leila Conners.  Sound design by Andy Snavley and Jae Kim. Sound Services by Bendy Sound. Executive Producer, Shannon Factor.

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