Our intention is to create stories that inspire constructive action in the world.

Premiering Now
Feature Documentaries Completed

URBAN ROOTS (2013) - URBAN ROOTS  follows the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. A timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.   


Work with People & Organizations

THOUGHTS FROM WITHIN (circa 2002) - Poem written and narrated by Woody Harrelson on simple, organic living. Made with early Flash.

Short Films & Short Film Series

NASA/JPL - LOOKING FOR SPACE ROCKS (1998) - Module made with JPL/NASA about space rocks. Made in early Flash.  
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ULTRAPOOR FOR FORD FOUNDATION (2010) - Scene sample for project on how to address the challenge of the "ultrapoor."  
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FOOD SECURITY IN A CHANGING CLIMATE (2011) - For the United Nations, narrated by Dominic Monaghan.

THE FUTURE WE WANT (2010) - For the United Nations, narrated by Radha Mitchell.

GLOBAL WARNING & WATER PLANET (2001-2002) - For Leonardo DiCaprio on climate change. Made in early Flash