feature documentaries

"If we can save the world, then why don't we do it?" 

Ice on Fire, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, asks the question: Are we going to let climate change destroy civilization, or will we act on technologies that can reverse it? Ice on Fire features never-before-seen solutions on the many ways we can reduce carbon in the atmosphere. With stunning cinematography, we explore the deep hope that we can turn away from the brink. The film shows cutting edge arctic science with methane releases in the ice. The film asks: “Is it game over? Or is it game on? As we have the creativity, ingenuity and vision to reverse climate change.” What makes this film different, is that 11 years after The 11th Hour, we now know how to fix the climate change problem, so why don’t we just do it!


"When the last person who remembers the horrors of the last war dies; the next war is inevitable." Or is it? 

Featuring President Mikhail Gorbachev recounting the end of the Cold War and the reduction of nuclear arms.  A good reminder for today.  With George Shultz, Horst Teltschik, Hubert Vedrine and Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow, Aleksandr Likhotal, Graham Allison and Joseph Nye.  Directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid.  Premiered at the Zurich International Film Festival 2017.


"If you live in a corporate state, the only thing left is to dismantle it and build something new." 


Feature doc featuring Thomas Linzey of the Community Environment Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) about the growing community rights / democracy movement in the United States. Essential path forward in the face of the oligarchy. Directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid.  Premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival 2016. 

urban roots

"When everything collapses, plant your field of dreams." 


Urban Roots follows the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit.  A timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future. Created by Tree Media, produced by Mathew Schmid, Leila Conners and Mark McInnis.  Premiered at the Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013. 

the 11th hour

""We are the generation that gets to change the world, forever." 


The 11th Hour features over 50 people across many disciplines to discuss the state of climate change and the state of the world and how to change toward a path to sustainability. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Leila Conners and Nadia Conners.  Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Leila Conners, Brian Gerber, Chuck Castleberry.  Premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival 2007.