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Doughnut Economics

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Kate Raworth, a renegade economist, has developed a new economic framework for the 21st century and beyond. Dismayed by the limited perception of traditional economic theory, Kate synthesized several new ways of understand human behavior to create a new way to think about what is optimal for human society to thrive. The Doughnut describes a social floor and an environmental ceiling for human activity...a world in which we don't overshoot or undershoot so as to provide for all without compromising the earth's biosphere. This film describes how she arrived at her new framework, a description of Doughnut Economics itself and how she sees it applied in the real world.

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Stories have the power to change the world; they shape our thinking, drive culture, and impact our lives.  Tree Media is a production think tank with a mission to use stories and media to encourage an open society based on wisdom and informed, positive action.

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