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Tree Media

About Us

Tree has worked to identify pathways to a world we all want to live in and have helped build movements, initiatives and media to support that intention and direction. Tree has been working for more than 20 years on projects that examine the environment, consciousness, human development and global transformation. 


Tree Media speaks to an audience that wants to better understand the world. We are operating in a time in which human civilization is being confronted with significant challenges - the life-support systems of the planet are deteriorating, resources are becoming scarce and we are undergoing a dramatic shift in the fundamentals of our economic system around the world. The strain of this uncertainty and rapid change is plunging human consciousness into the fires of transformation.  Tree looks for and brings to light stories that help us understand and navigate our time with an aim to inspire us all to create a common and beautiful future.  


Paulina BW.png
Paulina Villalonga

Development, Production, Impact

FabianNilsson BW.jpg
Fabian Nilsson

Development, Production, Impact

Stephan McGuire

Special Projects

Gregor Nusser

Director, Tree Media Europe

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