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Premiered Climate Week 2015

4 Episodes   |   English |  Directed by Leila Conners | Produced by Mathew Schmid | Executive Produced by George DiCaprio

"There is too much at stake to sit back and do nothing. We must act." 

” - Leonardo DiCaprio


Four short films on the pathway from the industrial world to the sustainable world, and why it has to happen now.

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Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio
Directed by Leila Conners
Presented by Thom Hartmann
Produced by Mathew Schmid
Brought to you by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Executive Producers George DiCaprio, Roee Sharon Peled
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"Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels is changing our climate and transforming our world. From more destructive and more frequent climate-related extreme weather events and rising sea levels, to climate refugees, crop failure and water scarcity, the consequences are profound. Last Hours expertly explains how we got here, and what will happen if we don't work together to stop it. It is a needed and urgent call to action."

- Al Gore, Chairman, The Climate Reality Project


"Last Hours" is a captivating, extremely compelling appeal meant to awaken politicians and business leaders to take climate action and stop runway catastrophic climate change. Few films have managed to capture the sense of urgency as well as 'Last Hours'. In the context of science telling us that emissions need to peak by 2015 and then come down, and with politicians doing little to reflect this urgency, this is a a much needed asset for the climate movement."

- Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International 


"LAST HOURS is a jolting wake-up call for humanity about the sleeping methane giant that could kill off nearly all life on the planet if we don't act now to slash carbon emissions. Earth is sending us an urgent message that we ignore at our own peril."

- Tom Weis, President, Climate Crisis Solutions

"Last Hours is an alarming video that captures the state of emergency we face with climate disruption--yet at the same time we must recognize that there is real hope: the clean energy industry is rapidly growing, we are making headway in reducing carbon pollution, and by working together we can turn things around."

- Michael Brune, Executive Director, The Sierra Club
"This is an important video.  We have to deal with our carbon dioxide problem now, so we don't have to deal with the methane bomb down the road"

- Lester Brown, Founder & President Earth Policy Institute, Founder of Worldwatch Institute
"In the 18th century, Edmund Burke wrote that 'Those who don¹t know history
are destined to repeat it.' Many years later, Last Hours makes
clear how much we have to learn from our planet¹s history  to truly
understand the potent threat of trapped methane. This  film acts as a
call to action on climate that we must heed."
- Maggie Fox, President and CEO, The Climate Reality Project
"I'm happy to endorse this important film."  
- Robert Kennedy, Jr. 
"The fossil fuel industry has broken lots of human laws over the last century.  Now the big laws -- Nature's laws -- are catching up to it.  As Last Hours makes clear, humankind must choose to rein in its carbon emissions now, or Nature will rein them in for us."
- Denis Hayes, President, Bullit Foundation, Founder & Honorary Chair, Earth Day Network
"Last Hours is essential viewing for anyone who cares about preventing the distastrous effects of global warming."
- Thu Pam, Executive Director, Rachel's Network 

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