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4 Episodes   |   English |  Directed by Leila Conners | Produced by Mathew Schmid, Amy Johnson and Marci Zaroff | Executive Produced by Shannon Factor

Driving Fashion Forward is a series of short films on sustainability and design sponsored by Lexus.  Featuring Amber Valletta, the series highlights designers, models and fashion brands and how they are innovating and finding solutions to problems such as toxics, waste, human rights issues and impacts to climate change by the fashion industry. 



EP 1   Thread
EP2   Timelessness
EP 3  Upcycle
EP 4  Humanity
Credit Block
Featuring Amber Valletta
Directed by Leila Conners 
Produced by Mathew Schmid, Amber Valletta, Amy Johnson and Marci Zaroff
Co-Executive Produced Shannon Factor
Sponsored by Lexus
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