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The Arrow of Time  (2017)

Premiered Zürich International Film Festival 2017

1h 37min   |   English / Russian  |  Directed by Leila Conners | Produced by Mathew Schmid

"When the last person who remembers the horrors of the last Great War dies, the next one becomes inevitable."

Or is it? 

The Arrow of Time tracks the events leading up to and proceeding the fall of the Berlin Wall through the eyes of the cold warriors who played central roles spanning from World War II, to the Cold War and the post-Cold War arrangements between the United States, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe.  Through it all we are reminded by nuclear holocaust survivor Setsuko Thurlow of the terrors of nuclear weapons and why we need to find international political arrangements that assure long-term peace and stability.

The Arrow of Time Trailer
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Featuring President Mikhail Gorbachev, former head of the Soviet Union; George Shultz, former US Secretary of State; Horst Teltschik, former advisor to Federal German Chancellor Helmut Kohl; Hubert Vedrine, Secretary General to French President Mitterrand; Graham Allison, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense;  Alexander Likhothal, Advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev; Joseph Nye, US Assistant Secretary of Defense; and Setsuko Thurlow, Hiroshima Survivor
Directed by Leila Conners 
Produced by Mathew Schmid
Produced by Marc Oberon
Original Music Jean-Pascal Beintus
Executive Producers Olivier Collombin & Melanie Berkovits Previ
Co-Produced by Hilde Haneuse Haye, Michel Merkt, Maxime de Raemy, Huber Raf, Henri Turettini
Production Companies Tree Media & E-Moovie

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