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Urban Roots  (2013)

Premiered Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013

1h 31min   |   English  |  Created by Tree Media | Produced by Mathew Schmid, Leila Conners, Mark McInnis

"When everything collapses, plant your field of dreams."


URBAN ROOTS is a documentary that tells the story of the spontaneous emergence of urban farming in the city of Detroit. A small group of dedicated citizens have started an urban environmental movement with the potential to transform not just a city after its collapse, but also a country after the end of its industrial age. It took men like Henry Ford, William Durant, and Lee Iacocca to build this city, but it's taken a bunch of strong willed self-taught urban farmers to save it.

Urban Roots Trailer
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Credit Block

Created by Tree Media
Produced by Leila Conners, Mathew Schmid, Mark McInnis
Original Direction by Frank Fitzpatrick
Executive Producers Mathew Schmid, Michael Soehner
Edited by Heidi Zimmerman

Shepard Fairey created a series of 450 signed and numbered screen printed posters for Urban Roots that sold out in 22 hours on Obey Giant. He also created a limited series of signed, AP prints to support the urban farming movement.   Inquire >

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