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We the People 2.0  (2016)

Premiered Seattle International Film Festival 2016

1h 32min   |   English |  Directed by Leila Conners | Produced by Mathew Schmid

"If you live in a corporate state, the only thing left is to dismantle it and build something new."


Feature doc featuring Thomas Linzey of the Community Environment Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) about the growing community rights / democracy movement in the United States. Essential path forward in the face of the oligarchy. Directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid.  Premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival 2016. 

We the People 2.0 Trailer
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Credit Block

Featuring President Thomas Linzey
Directed by Leila Conners 
Produced by Mathew Schmid
Narrated by Walton Goggins
Original Music by Eric Avery
Executive Producers Lisa Shields, Mathew Schmid, Renate Schmid
Co-Executive Producers Cathy O'Neill, Shannon Factor, Bill Benenson, Laetitia Cash, Barbara Bosson
Featuring also Ben Price, Mik Robertson, Cathy Miorelli, Joe Murphy, Doug Shields, Tish O'Dell, Ann Kneeland, Ashley Hernandez, Kate Perly​

Nature's Right (coming soon)

Nature's Right, a feature film on the rights of nature, is in development & preproduction.


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